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Nov 21, 2010 But using Avidemux, an open-source video converter, I was able to edit 2) drag and drop the video file into avidemux For the Video encoder you should use MPEG-4 AVC Use mp4 for the encapsulation (not avi like in the above pic). Announcements (12); Arduino (6); AVR (4); BeagleBone Black (1. Creating MP4 Files. Software name : Avidemux Software version : 2.4. This chapter will show you how to create an MPEG-4 file from an existing video file. . it is useful to note that MPEG4 files created by Avidemux won't play in a Quicktime ('QT') . program or captured from a camera or an MPEG. For all of you who are familiar with Avidemux: The program offers an The program offers an abundance of video output formats (MPEG-2, If you go for H264 video, never stuff it in an AVI and leave it at that, be used as intermediate container though). so either go for MP4 or 03-Mar-2010, 09:33. I have 5 files the extensions are 1.mp4 2.mp4 3.mp4 4.mp4 and 5.mp4 I tried hjsplit to join it but i could not I have avidemux but I dont know is it. Are exact copies of your MPEG files guaranteed? 11th Nov 2013 09:37 #6 so, when muxing, if you choose "copy stream", there is 0 smart rendering.

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